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Certificate 2 In Security Operations

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Certificate 2 In Security Operations

Are You Looking For A Role In A Security Operations Position?

Certificate 2 in Security Operations, one of Brisbane’s most in-demand security courses, simulates the role of a security officer, who is in charge of upholding safety and security by patrolling, protecting, or guarding property while unarmed, screening entry, keeping an eye on behaviour, and safely removing individuals from locations were deemed lawful and necessary.

About Australian Workforce Development Institute

We are an Australian-owned and operated national Registered Training Organisation. AWDI Training (Australian Workforce Development Institute), offers top-notch training courses in Queensland, conducted by instructors with real-world experience.

This Course Is For You If…

You are interested in working in a security position for any of the following:
Let our course prepare you for your position in any of the aforementioned roles.
If you’re looking to be a security officer for hire in Brisbane, your journey starts here.

Your Success in the Security Operations Starts Here

Once you have completed your course with us, you can apply for a Queensland Security Guard Licence. This licence will open a window of opportunities for you, and you can commence working in various security positions, be it as a security officer or crowd controller or any of the aforementioned roles.

Why Choose Our Certificate 2 Security Operations Course?

Your options are numerous with Certificate 2 in Security Operations. A job in security can be extremely rewarding, whether it involves working as a security officer at a Brisbane retail outlet or athletic event; there are never any two alike experiences in this line of work.
Gain exposure through the course and learn how to handle challenging circumstances. You have the chance to develop your soft skills while also developing your technical talents. You actually advance your profession thanks to the course.
Are you ready to pursue a rewarding career in the security industry? Start studying with us now and garner the necessary skills through our Certificate II in Security Operations course. When you look for security courses in Brisbane, our name is one you can trust.

What Are The Salaries Of Security Officers In Australia?

The average base salary for a security officer is $68,834 per year in Australia. For comparison, the average full time salary in Australia is $67,723 per year.
Brisbane, QLD is among the highest paying cities in the country for security officers. The average base salary of a security officer in Brisbane is $74,781 per year.

What Is The Employment Outlook For Security Officers In Australia?

Over half (58%) of workers in the Investigation and Security Services industry are security officers and guards. The projected employment increase to 2025 in this occupation is 10%, higher than other occupations in the industry, which includes electronic trades workers and precision metal trades workers.

Kickstart Your Security Career Today!

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Who Should Take Up This Course?

Various motivations drive enrollment in the Certificate 2 in Security Operations course. Some of the reasons for choosing a career in the security industry are:

What Are The Benefits Of A Job In The Security Industry?

Working in the security industry has its own advantages, including:

Flexible Working Hours

Flexible working arrangements have been a feature of the security industry long before the pandemic. Security officers can find stable employment or may work a flexible number of hours each week. They may also have a say in choosing their own schedules.
If you have another job, or certain family commitments such as caregiver duties, you will enjoy the flexibility to work non-standard hours. It will be much easier for you to plan your work hours to suit your lifestyle preferences.

Active Job

It’s a common complaint among desk workers that they aren’t getting enough physical activity at their jobs. If you’d prefer a physically engaging job, a career in the security industry is a good bet!
Security officers have to be on their toes, literally and figuratively. Patrolling and surveilling duties will test your physical and mental agility. Working in a team and coordinating activities with colleagues can help you make better decisions and improve your relationship-building skills. As an access control security officer, you will be less active physically, but engage with people throughout your workday.

More Variety

Security officers enjoy the flexibility to choose a role and an employer according to your personal and career interests and have opportunities to work in diverse settings.

Career options after completing your Certificate 2 in Security Operations are many and varied. One option is to guard the premises of shopping centres, including patrols, access control, managing client requirements and loss prevention. If the idea of a more active and stimulating public security job interests you, consider a career in licenced premises and hospital crowd control. And if a quieter, less active roll is of interest you may consider gatehouse control or construction site monitoring. 

More areas in which you can pursue career opportunities with a Certificate 2 in Security Operations are:

Career Advancement

The skills you gain as a security officer are transferable to other jobs in the security industry. You could explore a career as a security consultant, police officer, correctional officer, or a private investigator in Brisbane. Of course, you’ll need additional training to qualify for these roles, but have a solid foundation to build on.
Aspire to start your own business in the future? With a relevant career path, training and adequate experience, you can become a security consultant, specializing in advising business on certain types of security. You can also start your own security recruitment agency and provide services in sectors in which you’ve built up experience and a strong network.
Certificate 2 in Security Operations is also the gateway to more advanced security roles, including, dog handling, cash in transit, armed guarding and personal protection work (body guard).

Give Wings To Your Career Goals With A Certificate 2 In Security Operations.

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How To Become A Security Officer?

You’ll need to follow the path mentioned below to enter the security industry in Queensland:

Get The Necessary Education And Training

While AWDI Training is not responsible for issuing a Security Licence, a qualification in security operations is the first step to your chosen career.
Once you have obtained your Certificate 2 in Security Operations you are required to apply for a security licence through the Office of Fair Trading Qld, they will conduct suitability checks to ensure that you are a fit and proper person to hold a security licence and this includes conducting a criminal history check and taking your fingerprints to check if you have been involved in any criminal activity within the past 10 years.
Your licencing fees, including criminal history checks and fingerprinting fees are not covered by your course costs and are payable to the Office of Fair Trading Qld. Fee details can be found on their website.
Upon completing your Certificate 2 Security Operations course, you can begin the process to acquire your security officer licence. For this, you will have to apply for a Security Provider Licence to the Office of Fair Trading, Queensland, the government body responsible for issuing security licences in Queensland.

If you’re in Brisbane, Toowoomba, Gold Coast, or Sunshine Coast, or Capricornia (including, but not limited to, Rockhampton, Gladstone and Mackay) Australian Workforce Development Institute (AWDI Training) can prepare you to meet your professional goals in the security industry. We’re known for our quality training and assessment services, and our assistance in helping our students meet first aid requirements for various industries including security, nursing, childcare and construction.

Who Can’t Get A Security Licence?

In order to obtain a security licence in Qld, in addition to completing  your Certificate II in Security Operations, you are required to be over 18 years of age and considered a “suitable person”. This means that you do not have any convictions for serious crimes within the last 10 years, are not currently disqualified from holding the licence that you are applying for and are not under a court order for serious criminal activity, have not been declared bankrupt, or facing charges or found guilty of any terrorism activity, as well as a few other requirements that can be found on the Office of Fair Trading Qld’s website.
Once you successfully undertake CPP20218 Certificate II in Security Operations, you will become eligible to apply to the Office of Fair Trading for a Class 1 Security Providers Licence. The security licence that you can obtain with the units covered by the Certificate 2 in Security Operations at AWDI Training will allow you to apply for a job as a crowd controller, unarmed security officer, and roles that require security monitoring.
You will need to pay a fee for the licence application, fingerprinting, and a criminal history check. The Officer of Fair Trading can help you with the cost of these fees.

Is There Anything Else You Should Know?

Your training doesn’t come to a stop after you’ve obtained your security licence. If you take up a job as a crowd controller in Brisbane, QLD, you’re required to complete refresher training every three years. AWDI can help you to gain qualifications in CPPSEC3101 Manage conflict and security risks through negotiation, CPPSEC3121 Control persons using empty hand techniques and HLTAID014 Provide advance first aid.

CPP20218 – Certificate II in Security Operations

Course Details

*Fee-For-Service if student paying a full fee without subsidy. This course may be subsidised by the Qld Government’s Department of Education, Small Business and Training (DESBT) under the Certificate 3 Guarantee Program for eligible applicants. Please click HERE for eligibility criteria and student information. Student co-contribution fees and other important details can be found in our Student Handbook on this website. Contact us for details, or to enrol. Rockhampton courses attract a higher fee due to travel expenses.

Security Licence Qualification Description

This qualification reflects the role of a security officer, responsible for maintaining safety and security by patrolling, protecting or guarding property while unarmed, and screening entry, monitoring behaviour and removing persons from premises.
This qualification is intended to align with the following occupational licensing outcomes:
Occupational titles could include:
It provides a pathway to further learning and work in various security roles and settings including, but not limited to:
Security officers may work alone or work in a team environment under general supervision, operating with limited autonomy and judgment to complete routine but variable tasks, with some accountability and responsibility for their own outputs, work, and learning.
Occupational licensing, legislative, regulatory or certification requirements may apply at the time of publication. Please refer to the CPP Companion Volume Implementation Guide for information.

Certificate 2 Security In Operations Entry Requirements

To be eligible for a Qld Security Licence, you must:
You are not eligible for a licence if you have been convicted of a disqualifying offence in the past 10 years, where a conviction was recorded. You must also inform Office Of Fair Trading if you have been found guilty of a disqualifying offence in the past five years, where a conviction was not recorded (this is known as an ‘unrecorded finding of guilt’). They may ask you for further information so they can assess if you are a suitable person to hold a licence.

Certificate 2 In Security Operations Now Available For Capricornia!

We now offer training in other rural area in QLD with a 5 student minimum attendance.

Certificate 2 in Security Operations Course Content

You have to complete 14 core units of competency including apply first aid.
Core units
CPPSEC2101 Apply effective communication skills to maintain security
CPPSEC2102 Apply legal and procedural requirements to work effectively within a security team
CPPSEC2103 Apply WHS, emergency response and evacuation procedures to maintain security
CPPSEC2104 Apply risk assessment to select and carry out response to security risk situations
CPPSEC2105 Provide quality services to a range of security clients
CPPSEC2106 Protect self and others using basic defensive techniques
CPPSEC2107 Patrol premises to monitor property and maintain security
CPPSEC2108 Screen people, personal effects and items to maintain security
CPPSEC2109 Monitor and control access and exit of persons and vehicles from premises
CPPSEC2110 Monitor and control individual and crowd behaviour to maintain security
CPPSEC2111 Apply security procedures to manage intoxicated persons
CPPSEC2112 Apply security procedures to remove persons from premises
CPPSEC2113 Escort and protect persons and valuables
HLTAID011 Provide first aid

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